Deploying Golang API to Heroku

Navin Kodag1 mins

09 Jun 2021

Deploying a Go API on Heroku

To deploy it on Heroku.

I'll assume you have Heroku cli installed and logged in. or you can start here. Install heroku cli

  • Create a Procfile that points to our binary with one line and place it in the root of the directory
// Profile
web: bin/Intersect_api
  • Run the app locally to test using
heroku local
  • Create a heroku app
heroku create intersect-api-v2
  • Then commit our changes on git
git add .
git commit -m '💪'
  • And at the end, simply deploy our app using
git push heroku heroku-deploy:master
  • (Optional) Subsequent change can be commit using
git push heroku master


  • You can read the logs from with
heroku logs

That's about it. Now we can check our server at,

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